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Hey Kristin.

Mark and I got back late Saturday night and the trip will resonate for some time. I look forward to our return to Nicaragua and Surfari Charters. I have stayed in 4 different camps in Central America and yours has been the best one by far. There were some things that I found significant.

1. Everyone was always on time to pick us up. From the driver who picked us up in Managua to Brodie picking us up at dawn after going to the big party on Friday night, your staff was punctual. As a school teacher, and someone who has lived in Latin America for 6 years, I really appreciate punctuality.

2. Your rooms were very nicely set up. There was ample shelving and you put hanging hooks everywhere. Although this might seem simple, believe me, I have stayed in camps that overlooked something so important for surfers that are getting their gear wet and need to dry it out.

3. We were never left feeling unattended, yet the vibe was casual at the same time. We always were being asked what we needed and never had to do anything.

4. Loved the morning coffee that was on our patio at 4am!!

5. Adam and Amilkar were excellent cooks. When I got sick Adam made me some great homemade chicken soup that Jeff brought down to our place at the beach.

6. In the water, your guides were gracious, telling us to go on waves that they were clearly in position for (thanks Brodie!).

7. We were able to surf until we were through, and then show up at the main house and be fed right away. We never had to wait long and the food was always top notch.

This was my second time down to Popoyo and it was all that I hoped for. We will be back and will stay with you guys for sure. I wanted to mention what I liked about your camp because Mark and I both exclaimed about all of the above. In this instance, the saying "You get what you pay for" rang true. Your camp is staffed by true, down-to-earth surfers who can talk story until dawn and are all super chill. And as you know, Lance is just classic. Period.

Thanks for letting me purge all of the props y'all had coming.


We'd like to thank all of our guests, friends, and family for joining Surfari Charters in our 2002, '03, '04, '05, '06, '07, '08, '09,and '10 seasons. Thanks for the memories and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2011.

--Lance and Kristin

Lance & Kristin,

Thanks again for the good times in Nicaragua! That trip will definitely be in the top 5 trips for me ever! You all looked after us so well and made my gluten free diet seem like nothing in a 3rd world country. It was a pleasure getting to know you all including Jeff. I hope to see you at least once a year from here on out. Anyways thanks again and hope you guys are blowing up down there! SUBU!

Tim Curran

2007jpLance & Kristin,
I just wanted to tell you guys thanks for such a good time at your place. You guys have a great operation. It felt like your crew was one big family. You did a great job keeping our group going everyday, I know it's not easy dealing with 8 guys in one group.

The food was great, the fishing was great, and the surfing was great, (and the insane humpback whale show was great). We will definitely be returning in 2008.

Thank you to the whole crew: Jeff, Brodie, Erin, Jimmy, Gnarly, and (Henry for cooking insane meals).

Your friend,
--Jason Prince (JP), FL


I'm writing to give you a post trip report. IT WAS GREAT! Off-shores everyday. Lance showed us an awesome time. Definitely going to have to get back down to Nicaragua this summer. That boat is going to be great. Only thing I can say without writing pages about the trip is that it was sweet and I appreciate all your help. Tell Lance and Casey what up for me. I am sure we will be talking again sometime. Peace out.

--Brandon Borders, FL

Hey Lance and Kristin,

Just wanted to email you guys to thank you once again for the best vacation of my life. Also by hanging with you two, meeting the people we did, and how you showed Nicaragua to us all helped open this opportunity for me to move down there to work and start a new life. I think its the best thing that's ever happened for me. Thanks again, see ya in a few weeks.

--Kevin Boyette, FL

Dear Kristin and Lance,

I really had a great time...the best surf trip I've ever been on, thanks to all your good dreaming, planning and hard work. I love what you're doing. It's the same stuff I've loved to do since I was a young boy. Fishing, surfing, living the simple life, and working hard at following my dreams. I opted for a little more conventional way to make a living. I've never been much of a risk-taker, unlike you guys. I'm glad the Ellis boys sniffed you out. Thanks to you, I just got to enjoy a week of the most fun, non-stop surfing I've ever enjoyed, not to mention the fishing and companionship and decision-free relaxation. Take good care of yourselves...good luck...give Henry, Pancho, Kike and Gnarly my regards. If you want to get away sometime and check out my place in the Bahamas, let me know.

--Eric Searcy, FL

Hola Lance and Kristin...and Happy 4th of July!!! It's now been a full week since I got back from Nicaragua and I still find myself smiling daily as I suddenly flash a memory of our week down there with you guys!! Simply put...It was GREAT!!! Best, consistent surf of any trip I've been on (and that's a lot of trips to a lot of great spots) and what a bonus the fishing (or is that "catchin") was...and you guys were SUPERB hosts...even with the 4:30 AM wakeup calls (Lance, do you really need to pound the door so hard???)...Seriously though...It's hard to believe that the trip came and went so fast...but fortunately the pictures and memories will always be there to remind all of us what a great week it was!!! Thanks again...and hopefully we can do a repeat next year!!

--Tim Ellis, FL

Kristin and Lance:

To begin: I won't pat you on the back any more than all of us already did, but I will tell you that of our bunch I'm the most varid traveler, and it was the best surf trip I've been on in many, many years. What made it great wasn't just setting up for long sections at Lance's Left, finally getting my floater down, slapping a few lips, or the great camaraderie of the FLA guys and all of you. What made it really great was the "ocean-ness" of the entire week: The idea of being on the water all day, just having that much nature around, so undisturbed, pristine, and ultimately so soul enriching. Surfing is about the ocean, not just waves, and I felt like we "bathed" in a waterman's experience, so much more than just another surf trip. It was an experience I've never had before and was completely marvelous.

And off the water things were so perfect--the accommodations, food, beautiful Nicaraguan people (so much like those of CR when I first traveled there in 1982). Hell, I'd even be up for someone banging on my door EVERY morning at 4:30 a.m. if it meant living each day as we did.

The pisser, of course, is that I can tell people about the trip, but only so much. How can you risk hyping an experience that is so unique (point break all to yourself, fish on the line, etc.), without worrying that you'll bring on the type of crowds that will tear it all down (i.e., CR, Fiji, etc.)? I'm just hoping the remoteness, lack of direct communications and accommodations and the fact that so much of your area remains virgin surf territory will help you maintain what you have, and that you will prosper within the admirable concept you have created for the type of surf experience you want to provide and for the goals you have to help the local people in the process.

When we were out in the boat one afternoon, watching storms march in from the East, creating rainbows, I remember thinking to myself, "there really is a pot of gold at the end of some of those things, and I've found it on this trip."

What more can I say? Other than I want to come back.

Regards to you both. Stay in touch and keep your eyes on the prize, 'cause you've started something truly unique....

--Tom Ellis, TX

I just wanted to thank you for the best vacation I can remember. Most of all I want to thank you for your friendship, camaraderie, and for helping me remember how to laugh. Misha was effusive in his praise, and for a man of few words that is no mean trick. I have already started talking you up around here. Like I said, anything I can do to help you realize your dream is worth doing. I really look forward to next year, sooner if I can make it.

Take care,

--Dr. William E. Sisson Jr., NC

Lance and Kristin,

Hey you guys. Pete and I had a fantastic trip. You are a dynamic couple and do an incredible job with your charter company. We couldn't have experienced all the incredible variety and beauty of the Nicaragua coast without your knowledge and personal contacts to gain access to remote surfing locations. It was great being picked up and dropped off at the airport and not hassling renting a truck and trying to navigate through the country. We surfed six great breaks, had two great days of fishing and finished our trip up with a canopy tour. Thanks for a memorable trip, we hope to see you again.

--Nick Wooten

Hey Lance and Kristin,

Just thought I'd drop you a note saying "thanks" for everything. Your grace and hospitality renewed my faith in the surfing lifestyle. Right now I feel as healthy as I've ever been, and I know if I had another week or two (and the right board) the outer reef would be under my belt. Anyway, you guys are the best and I'd like to consider you my friends, not just a professional guide service, which you are in every way.


Well it’s 8:00 on Monday morning (11/10) and I just went thru a weeks worth of e-mails the last hour…Not one of them made it into my brain, cant stop thinking about how much fun I had, and how good the surf was. Although tiny Pete and I only had the boat for one day we just wanted to thank you for everything. Nicaragua is a beautiful country, with incredible people and you too only made the experience better.

Thanks see you again soon Aloha,

--Jamie (Twigg)

surfingbil"I've been on plenty of surf trips and spent plenty of money on them, but I got my money's worth with Lance and Kristin's Surfari Charters. In the two weeks I was there they got me on the best spots and into the best barrels every time. It's ALWAYS offshore! They've always got something lined up. I can't wait to get back to the tubes!"

--Bill Meeboer

surfingmikeJust wanted to tell you guys what a great job you did taking care of us. The door to door service was unreal and your knowledge of where to be and when was dead on. We caught the best waves at the best places every day, you never missed. Can't wait to do it again. Keep up the good work and I know I'll be down to see you guys as often as my wife says I can go.

--Mike Arnold

surfingdcainTo everyone contemplating a trip to Nicaragua, I would HIGHLY recommend hooking up with Lance and Kristin when you get there. They are a wonderfully friendly and easygoing couple who will show you the surf spots and show you where the fish are. I know because they have done just that for me. I couldn't say whether Lance is a better fisherman or surfer, he rips at both! Lance and Kristin are both fluent in Spanish and know the locals in the Salinas area which can definitely be a plus when going to the local grocery store or a trip to the airport. My 16 year old daughter and I have traveled to Nicaragua several times and Lance and Kristin have really helped make our trip memorable especially with the pictures of us holding onto all the fish we caught. Hey Lance how about a picture of me in the Barrel next time?

--Dave Cain from New Hampshire

joeFor total and absolute knowledge of the waves and the Nicaraguan countryside, Lance and Kristin will get you dialed in.



--Joe Penovich

surfingcasey"I never imagined a place had so many consecutive days of perfect surf. Nicaragua's the place to be and Capt. Lance will put you on the barrels and the big ones!"

--Casey Weldo

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