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Laguna De Apoyo - Visit Nicaragua.

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One of several volcanoes in Nicaragua.
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Nicaragua hosts a variety of activities, making it a trip for everyone.

    Historic whitewashed city; offers a variety of restaurants, horse carriage rides, etc.
    Traditional market town named after Volcan Masaya; great deals depending on bargaining ability; hammocks, clothing, ceramics, wood crafts, leather, rum, etc.
    Experience views of Nicaragua from it’s treetops, on cables 10-100 feet high.
    Beautiful lookout over a freshwater crater lake.
    Nicaragua has several volcanoes that offer short tours.

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A Brief History

Nicaragua has had a difficult past in that many remember the horrific 1978-79 revolution against a very corrupt Somoza Government by the Sandinista guerrilla organization. Extensive damage and over 30,000 casualties resulted from the violence. After heavy fighting, Somoza resigned on July 17, 1979, and the Government was taken over by a group representing the Sandinista guerrillas and their civilian allies.

The US took steps to intervene in the overthrow of the Somoza Government, and funded an anti-Sandinista group called the Contras. Nicaragua was forced to use the majority of what money it had left to fight against the US funded insurgency. Still unable to overthrow the Sandinista Government, the US halted any quick rebuilding of the devastated economy by placing a trade embargo on Nicaragua and making it very difficult for the country to collect the aid it had been promised.

During this time, however, the Sandinista Government was able to reduce illiteracy from 50% to 13%, eliminate polio and reduce infant mortality to a third of its former rate. Unfortunately, divisions in the Sandinista Government, concerns with more corruption, and the inability of the Government to return the country to a state of complete peace or economic betterment caused the Nicaraguan people to look towards a political change in order to create a higher standard of living.

Although during the 1990s the Sandinistas gradually repositioned themselves politically, dropping socialist policies and revolutionary talk in favor of a Christian democrat posture; free elections in 1990, 1996, and 2001 have democratically put candidates other than the Sandinistas into the Presidency.

During these years a political unity has emerged, the economy, although still poor, has begun to stabilize, Nicaragua is offering incentives for those who develop tourism related industry and the Nicaraguan Government has opened its doors widely to foreign investment.

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